James Dawson

James joined the band in September 2014 and plays mandolin and guitar - with occasional backing vocals.... (Just because he can't sing doesn't mean he won't sing !!!)  One Day, the other band members will shut him up

His main function in the band however, is to provide the practice venue. As the landlord at The Gate Inn in Llanfrechfa, he provides the warm rehearsal room and serves decent beer throughout the session. The other band members are of course obliged to pay for their beer... (He's all heart!)

James has played the mandolin since he was about 18 years old and the guitar for even longer.  The opportunity and time to play music has ebbed and flowed over these 40 years but took a massive boost recently when his kids bought him a Martin Acoustic Guitar for his 60th birthday. It has been life-long ambition of James to own such an outstanding instrument and he is grateful to Mhairi & Cam for having revived the interest in playing publicly.

The mandolin brings a unique sound to the Gate Crashers - who in turn have selected songs for their repertoire which offer a platform for the mandolin such as "Maggie May", REM's "Losing my Religion" & from the 1970's McGinnis Flint's "When I'm Dead & Gone".

There is a list of our songs on the "Music" page of this web site. Click on any of the songs which appear in Red Text and hear us play.


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