Ian Kendrick

 Ian with his Fender. 

Ian Kendrick (Yanto) had been a drummer and vocalist for 20 years and was well known as the drummer with local band "The Breeze". 

Ian took to the guitar more recently - mainly at the behest of his wife - who was showing early signs of hearing loss from 10 years as a Drummer's wife!  

The Gate Crasher's lead guitarist focuses on scales, delivering melody and lead guitar riffs. However, he has also been known to offer an outstanding vocal rendition of Bon Jovi's "Wanted - Dad or Alive". He's got that kinda voice

Ian plays a loyal old Tanglewood and a lovely new Fender Acoustic Guitar, Ian doesn't like playing the F chord too much and B minor is a "No Go area"!  There's No F'in B's in Gate Crashers' repertoire.


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